Why Your Website Needs Love!

Your website is a collection of software code and like any software, it needs care and attention. Your website may be the center or heart of the business.  We won’t just care for your website, we’ll love it!

We are a collection of internet geeks who love what we do. Making other businesses more successful it what gets us up in the morning and love is action, not flowery words to make someone feel better, it’s solid action that yields results.

Like a well cared for car, if you care for your website will last for years. It will need preventive maintenance: software updates, security updates, backups, updates to content and SEO.  Our goal is to keep the heart of your business pumping along and generating leads and income for you.

Websites Can’t Upkeep themselves

If your website is not cared for weekly or at least monthly it will deteriorate, the content will get old, it will develop security vulnerabilities and when folks come to your site and they see its sad state, they will take their business someplace else.  If you run an eCommerce site and it goes down, you could be losing thousands of dollars a day!

The Benefits of  Regular Maintenance

Unlike your toaster, your website needs constant care. 

Your site’s performance, how fast it loads, it’s uptime and downtime all come down to the WordPress and plugin software working as desired and the quality of your hosting. All our care plans feature the worlds best WordPress hosting, WPEngine.

As your industry and business grows and changes, so will your website. Your site will need fresh and relevant content that positions your business as the solution your customer’s problems. These things are all dependent on having healthy software so your website runs smoothly and without errors.

Care Workflow

At WoW we love your website, we do backups before we make upgrades, do testing after updates and fix any issues that occur. We have software that track keeps track of your plugins and we can easily revert to the previous version if something goes wrong during an upgrade. We make sure all the underpinnings of your site are up to date and highly performing. We will send you regular maintenance reports to let you know what work we have done, including security scans. If we find an issue with your site, we’ll create a ticket so you always have a record of work we performed. 

Dangers of Do It Yourself Maintenance

You could do your own maintenance and if something goes wrong you’ll have to find someone to help you, as we only help folks who are on our care plans, get on their schedule and pay a premium to get it fixed. While you wait, you could be losing business. If you do your own updates, you won’t have a record of what was done, which makes troubleshooting problems harder and more costly.

While cars have gotten more complex, it’s still possible to do your own maintenance on them with some knowledge, tools, and skills. And once you acquire these things, you can use them for the life of your car. Not so with your website. Unlike your car, the technology behind your website is always changing and it requires a bit of obsession to stay up to date. Let us be obsessed with your website, so you can focus on what you do best.

It Costs More to Fix Than to Maintain

Preventive care is much less costly than waiting for something to break and then fix it. If you have your car maintained at recommended intervals, the chances of unplanned repairs are much smaller. It’s the same with your website.  If you have the time, skill and experience, go for it! Otherwise, hire a skilled professional who can do regular maintenance, test for problems and fix them before they can have a serious effect on your business.

Call in the Geeks

Let us love your website, so you can focus on your business. Why risk lost sales and customers by trying to save a few bucks? Our team of internet geeks will keep the lifeblood of your site, it’s software,  humming along without a care.  Being on a care plan is the only way we provide support to our customers and you’ll have our full attention. We’ve had to dig too many clients out of tangled up software, that slowed down or took down their websites. We are dedicated to your success and ensuring your site runs as desired, is updated, backed up and safe is one of the best ways to be successful.

What are you waiting for? Apply for a web care plan!