Do Reviews Affect Your SEO in 2018?

Should You Focus on Reviews for SEO in 2018?

If you’re asking yourself do reviews affect SEO and rankings in 2018, here is a short video and an article to help you out find some answers and tips to boost your local SEO rankings.

The short answer is yes..but not like you might think. 

Some of the clients I’ve met tend to think reviews don’t matter at all in their fields, while other are sure they are the signal, most important thing. So how much should you really focus on reviews?

Reviews are GREAT for business, and also help SEO indirectly

Reviews are great because they help consumer decision making more than anything else.

Guess what? That also helps YOU, and promotes your business over the competition. (Better click through rate)

More Clicks on YOU, means better SEO

By gaining positive reviews, and DOMINATING your local markets with the highest amount of ratings, you are making it really easy for your customers to decide between you and your competition.

When Google sees more customers are clicking on you versus the competition, they decide you are a better option and promote you up in the search engine results page.

To help maximize your click through rate, make sure you get a LARGE wedge between you and the competition to maximize this difference. Make it a no-brainer for the customer to pick you over the 2nd best.

Do’s and Don’ts

DO Get as many great reviews as you can.

Don’t be afraid to ask customers to give you a review. You can offer a positive incentive to review, but without asking for any specifics (Just a good ole’ honest review). 

DO NOT ask your friends and family to leave reviews..those might be taken done and flag you as a spammer.

Don’t leave bad reviews for your competitors

Next Steps

Look at how you stack up with the competition in your neighborhood, and then in your city.

Do you have a good average rating? (4+)

Do you have more than 15 reviews?

Do you have a large positive wedge helping promote your business over the competition?

If not, it is time to put some effort into your reviews to help you dominate your market and improve your SEO.