Tripling the revenue of a Local Locksmith Business in 12 months


Rankings for main keywords


Revenue Growth


Increase in Traffic from Google

12 months

Period of time

  • Rankings for main keywords : #1
  • Revenue Growth : 3x
  • Increase in Traffic from Google : +400%
  • Period of time : 12 months

The Challenge

Local locksmith company, owned by ambitious business owners.
They understand the importance of ranking online for Locksmithing.
The Client has been trying to secure top positions for a few years without success..
They were ranked in the middle of the first page, and have been stuck there for a few years.
They’ve tried many things before..but it just didn’t work.
The client was also ranked #4 on Google maps..and needed to boost up to to the top 3 results that show above the fold.

The Client

The Process

When starting a new SEO project, the first thing we do is analyze the &^$# out of the website and the competion. On and Off page.
We audited the website, the main competitors, as well as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
What did the company already do well?  What needed improvement?

Here’s where there WERE NOT any problems:

• On page optimization
• Calls to Action
• Content
• Analytics & Tracking

What we did find needed improvment..


We noticed the company had only 8 reviews, with a few negative ones. To get them to the top, we need to differentiate them from the pack. We began implementing a review generation process so the company could quickly and reliably generate good reviews.

Website, Mobile and Speed

While the client’s website was on par or a little bit better than the competition when we started, we saw a lot of room for improvement:

• Mobile Optimization – Many clients looking for a locksmith are on the go. So they needed to kick ass here.
• Pagespeed – we said Mobile right? When customers are in bad reception area, you can’t afford your website to take forever to load.
• Branding – The old website was OK. But OK websites bring OK results. It was time for a custom designed website that left an impression.

We created a new website for the company that loads in 2s-3s, is very friendly for mobile, and turns the company into a local brand.


At the time, the client’s business was listed as “Service Area Business”, which means a business without a physical location.
We’ve found that B&M locations perform better, so we convinced the client to open a small B&M location in the city center, and switched all of the information online to point to the new address.

• Move from “Service Locaiton” to B&M Location
• Better Google Maps Rankings due to B&M Preference
• Better Maps Rankings due to Location improvement.

Citations & Link Building

We’ve further improved the company’s authority and credibility by building local citations and links from leading organizations.

Google My Business Optimization

We’ve optimized the company’s GMB page according to best practices, and changed the name of the business to include their main keyword:

• Changed branding of page
• Embedded Maps Location on Website
• Embedded location in Local Schema Markup

The results

  • Increase in Traffic from Google: +400%
  • on the main keywords(as well as top rankings on additional keywords (26 keywords ranked Position 1-3): Increase in Traffic from Google
  • Increase in Revenue: 2x

Local Market Domination!

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