Case Study: Ohana Yoga

In this case study, I will share how we helped Ohana Yoga achieve local domination via a new website, SEO and Facebook ads. I will also show the business impact.

The Brief

Alyssa, the owner of Ohana Yoga + Barre had a clear of vision of the Ohana brand.  She was looking for an inviting and visually appealing website. One that explains what Ohana Yoga + Barre is all about.  Alyssa invites Yogis who seek connection with others in an environment that promotes bringing your entire family to the studio. (Ohana means Family in Hawaiian)

After launch, we got the site found by Yogis online. We then got them to show up for class. We did this through SEO optimization, as well as Facebook advertising campaigns.

Our Approach

We focused on conversion, mobile, and speed optimization during website Design & Development.  The website loads fast for the studio’s mobile and desktop clients

We continuously monitored user behavior via analytics. We made some major changes in the design and website flow to reduce bounce rates, and increase pages per user and time spent on site.

For SEO, we focused on optimizing the website for keywords that are the most likely to bring in new yoga students.  We built website authority and promoted the maps listing and overall presence on relevant business listings and directories.

The Results

In 6 months, we took Ohana’s rankings from less than the top 50 results for our main keywords to first page rankings! We were able to rank Ohana’s Google maps listing at the top of their local area.

Organic Traffic was increased by 86%, as well as a 150% increase in clients finding the business through Google Maps.

We ran targeted Facebook campaigns aimed at signing up new members to intro monthly membership – during our recent campaign, we managed to sign up 20 new students online in a week, providing a 600% ROI on the spend (From top line, not including the higher lifetime value of monthly members).