About WoW

At WoW, we understand the challenges of running a local business: that’s how we got started and first succeeded. Word-of-mouth is good, but Word-of-Web is what will take your business to the next level by leveraging the infinite power of online marketing.

Customers need your business right now, but they can’t find you. Building a marketing department to crack the code of online marketing requires a lot of time and resources with no guarantee of results. We’re your Expert Marketing team, WoW lets you focus on what you do best and we make sure you get found and keep growing.

We implement powerful and profitable marketing tactics to make sure your business thrives beyond your wildest dreams. Your success is the reason we exist.

Why You Should Work With Us

We have decades of combined marketing experience with a history of delivering massive results to our clients. Unlike other marketing companies, we are happy to tie our success to yours; please ask us for details.

We prefer to think of our clients as partners who share in mutual success. Our marketing consultants will work with you to identify areas of opportunity and growth and come up with a plan to implement them. We are happy to support your marketing efforts in the way that works best for you, whether all you need is a website or you’d like us to act as your marketing department, we are up for the challenge.

Are you ready to grow your business?

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WOW Values

We use these values with our team and our clients, we believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. We are dedicated to the success of those we work with. A rising tide raises all boats!


Do What’s Best For The Client

We don’t succeed unless our clients do. It is in our best interest to do what will most benefit our clients. We see our clients more as partners and we are invested in their success.


Take Commitments Seriously, Do What You Say You Will

Our team does not make commitments lightly, we work hard upfront before we make commitments and we find it greatly increases our ability to deliver on time.


Do Your Best Work And Deliver On Time

We expect the best from our team and we don’t expect perfection. Perfection is the enemy of done. We work in iterations. Getting your site up is more important than putting up the perfect website. You can’t be found if you don’t have a site. Future iterations are used to address issues or add features.

Meet Our team

David Lahav

Founder, CEO

David is a serial entrepreneur , lifehacker and traveler. David got started by building and marketing his own online and local businesses, and in the process worked with traditional marketing agencies. The results were less than satisfying, which led to the birth of WoW - an agency that treats clients with transparency and respect, while delivering great work that gets results. He is passionate about helping other business owners achieve success online, and building a unique and innovative company that is 100% remote, allowing its talented and creative members to fully live their lives.

Eddie Colbeth


Eddie is a company culture geek and is obsessed with evidence-based, business best practices. He has held a wide variety of leadership and technology positions, spanning 30 years. Eddie has a BFA from the School of Design at UMASS Dartmouth and loves to make things. He is an autodidact and life long learner. He is excited about WoW and has plans to turn it into a multigenerational company, “For companies to do meaningful work, they need to span lifetimes.”

Mine Akar

SEO Manager

Mine is always hungry for knowledge, likes learning new things, and taking on challenges. She enjoys working with data and getting results. She studied International Relations and then Conflict Resolution in her master’s. After spending some time in academia and working for several research projects, she held responsibilities in project coordination and business development in different companies. In 2016, she decided to conquer far away lands and made her way up to Colombia. Currently, she is enjoying the beach life in Cancun, Mexico while working for WoW with the most diverse and dynamic team.

Michele Zagrandi

Creative Designer

Michele is always looking for the next challenge and the next destination! He studied product design at the Politecnico di Milano and then started his wanderlust career working with communications agencies and marketing companies, around the world. Working with the talented team at WoW is his new adventure.

What Our Clients Say

Working with WoW has been great. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and focuses on getting the task done.

Mike Hughes
Mike Hughes
Next Level Training

WoW was GREAT!!! They’ve taken my business marketing to the next level and set us up for great success. Thank you!

TJ Hanes
TJ Hanes
Piano Clubhouse

I would recommend his team’s work to anyone and everyone. They are motivated, passionate and extremely well-versed in all things website-related. I’m stoked with how our website turned out and it’s something crucial to invest in if you want to start to dominate SEO. People need to find you in order to come in to the studio, right?

Alyssa Manny
Alyssa Manny
Ohana Yoga